Cadres in the hearts of the masses baked

They actively practice the mass line, so that people cannot do without; they are always thinking of the masses, for the masses to their side; for the well-being of the masses, so that people have to work hard; they have the responsibility to play, so that the people can be assured; they are diligent and honest fair and honest, trustworthy people, they are the "good minds of the masses cadres". The day before, by the party masses, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "cadres" the hearts of the masses the contest results were announced, 25 people elected cadres and the masses in the hearts of the good".

for further show the good image of the cadres at all levels in our city to serve the people wholeheartedly, give full play to the leading and advanced typical education model demonstration effect, promote the city’s education activities carried out by the municipal Party committee, in April 23rd, the masses, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "cadres" the hearts of the masses award start. Through the selection and promotion activities designed to link to the hearts of the masses of cadres of the deeds and excellent quality, education incentive party members and cadres to keep in mind the fundamental purpose of serving the people, the pursuit of strong people honest and pragmatic value, close ties with the masses, make a positive contribution to the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, happiness city.

– recommended links, all localities and departments and units of 105 cadres were elected. On the basis of timely for the County District, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and the municipal organs on the selection of cadres in self-discipline, practical aspects of opinions and suggestions on the evaluation group after the primaries, identified 76 cadres in the public vote. June 27th, the Xining evening news launched the 8 edition, in the form of graphic publishing of the 76 candidates a brief story, the establishment of paper voting mode; the municipal government website to open the selection of the topic page, open online voting. In the 15 day of the voting session, the various localities and departments to seriously organize cadres and workers to vote, mobilize the public to participate in the masses, the voting activities have been actively involved in the community and widespread concern. According to statistics, the city nearly 350 thousand people (Times) to participate in voting activities. Combined with the voting situation, after a comprehensive review and seek the views of grassroots units and relevant departments, is now identified 25 cadres in the hearts of the masses".  

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