Our city to create a spiritual and cultural home

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society in Xining, problems existing in the mass culture has become increasingly prominent: single mode; simple, functional supporting facilities can not adapt to the new situation of the old people grow with each passing day and cultural needs, change the status quo imminent. In response to the eighteen cultural prosperity and development requirements, to meet the growing cultural needs of the masses, to the construction of public cultural service system as the starting point and end point, and promote the transformation of the new era of mass art work, Xining city has established "the Xining Arts Service Center in August 2013".

set up cultural and art Service Center

is an inevitable choice


deep foundation of mass culture, the basic force has no development and prosperity of the city culture, cultural development should not only let people get the spirit of enjoyment, but also let them feel about the reform of the cultural system, which has aroused the attention of the Xining municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the establishment of specialized agencies to provide cultural services the public has become an inevitable choice, so, in Xining city article wide bureau Party committee under the guidance of the concern, Xining City Arts and cultural services center came into being. As a multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic and cultural development of the western city, with the change of history, Xining has formed its own unique, distinctive style of regional culture. Under the nourishment of the rich regional cultural soil, the mass cultural activities in Xining also show a unique diversity.

Xining City Arts and cultural services center as a service platform for the new practice of cultural Huimin policy, without any experience, only a few staff members through the exploration of one step forward, he fought in the summary of a big service with a small platform approach: in the construction of public cultural service system as the starting point and end point, the integration of the city’s cultural and artistic resources, open up the breakthrough of public cultural services of the "last mile", established a set of cultural and artistic information, display, service as one of the masses of smooth channels, full build "zero distance cultural service circle of life for the public". The fundamental purpose is to do these things: through cultural and artistic services to achieve practical things for the people!

to create a national public cultural service system

demonstration area vanguard

Service window Department

as belonging to the Xining City Art Museum consists of the main work of the Xining culture and art service center is relying on the city’s rich cultural and artistic resources, through effective co-ordination and integration, on the city’s long-awaited cultural bonanza for mining, integration, display, and make it a real benefit the people of the "software", for the community to build cultural service platform, planning and cultural services, coordination and organization performance, provide a full range of services to the community amateur art team, to show the mass cultural achievements, show the characteristics of local culture.

The establishment of the

center from planning to detail, from species to layout, from management to operation, has taken full account of the objectives and groups of services;

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