National unity so that the eastern part of the people’s livelihood more happy

National unity and progress of advanced areas to create work, not only for the eastern harvest of economic and social development sustainable, stable and healthy, rapid, more make the East livelihood fruitful, let the people of all ethnic groups gain a flood of a pile, a piece of people’s livelihood news, such as the beginning of the year so far, the financial district has always adhered to "small financial livelihood" concept, the 84% budget for education, medical, health, social security, environmental protection, culture, sports and other aspects of people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, and strive to achieve sharing the fruits of reform and development, let the people of all ethnic groups enjoy numerous tangible happiness.

– "three rural" into an increase of 1.07 times. As of October 31st, the level of agricultural expenditure 29 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of $14 million 170 thousand over the same period last year, 15 million 130 thousand yuan, an increase of 1.07 times.

– an increase of 28.82 times the investment in science and technology. 2013 early arrangements for science and technology spending was $8 million 840 thousand, an increase of 43.2 times. As of October 31st, science and technology spending 5 million 30 thousand yuan, an increase of 28.82 times.

– housing security let the people willing to invest in their own homes. As of October 31st, housing security expenditure 11 million 810 thousand yuan, mainly for the low rent housing renovation grants 2 million 820 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan subsidy shantytowns, renovation subsidies 3 million 190 thousand yuan, other affordable housing projects and expenditures of 1 million 700 thousand yuan.

– Jiaoyuqiangqu plan is lifting the eastern power. 2013 early education expenditure of 157 million 750 thousand yuan, an increase of 4.85%. At the same time, in order to promote the development of education, the district Party committee and the district government have formulated the "three year (2012-2014) plan of action for the education area in the east of the city". As of October 31st, the cumulative expenditure of 157 million 840 thousand yuan education. Continue to accelerate education layout adjustment and teaching conditions, Changqing, in the village primary school the school safety project fully completed; Fu Qiang Xiang, rhyme ieguchi primary school teaching building and the school safety project is to implement; golden boy art kindergarten, pan son village kindergarten, nursery school is the main national project construction; sonoyama Hui primary school relocation, Kang Nan primary school new project is early handling procedures, plans to start construction this year.

– health care to alleviate the difficult and expensive. 2013 early arrangements for medical expenses of $54 million 630 thousand, an increase of 39.83%. As of October 31st, arrangements for health expenditure was 52 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of 28.53%. Mainly used to support the construction of the new rural cooperative medical system, arrangement of emergency funds, disease prevention and public health emergencies such as supporting cadres Medicare payments arrangements; basic public health funds earmarked for basic medical and health institutions in accordance with the provisions of the project to provide free basic public health services for urban and rural residents.

– social security investment let people worry about. As of October 31st, social security and employment spending 175 million 180 thousand yuan, an increase of 26.74%. Mainly used for the release of 3182 new;

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