Xining food and Drug Safety Committee held a working meeting to arrange the Mid Autumn Festival nat

Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, to ensure that the people live a happy and peaceful holiday, good food safety during the festival and supervision, to ensure food safety, to prevent the occurrence of major food safety accidents, Xining city food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee was held on September 17, 2010 in Xining City, food and drug safety committee meeting, arrangements for the mid autumn national day two food safety rectification work. The conference by the municipal government deputy secretary general Chai Lupan presided over four districts, three county district magistrate in charge of food safety, food safety committee members of the unit in charge of the leadership attended the meeting. The meeting by the municipal safety committee office arrangements for the 2010 Mid Autumn Festival and the national day food safety rectification work, to convey the provincial food and Drug Safety Committee documents relating to the settlement of problems further investigation into milk powder. Business, agriculture, animal husbandry, quality inspection, industry and commerce, food and drug and other departments on the existence of food safety issues were analyzed. Finally, Chai Lupan Deputy Secretary General on how to do the next step work requirements. First, fully understand the importance of food safety, enhance the sense of responsibility. Second, the implementation of the responsibility to build food safety line. The county is in charge of the leadership and the departments in charge of leadership is the first responsible person, the county on the area of food safety responsibility. Required by the various regions to lead, organize the relevant departments to carry out a centralized food safety regulation. Third, strengthen the propaganda work. Through the propaganda to improve the people’s ability to identify fake and shoddy food. Fourth, do a good job of information submitted. To implement the food safety report, zero reporting system, during the festive season, each member of the unit to report to the food safety committee daily food safety situation. Fifth, do emergency duty. On duty personnel 24 hours in place, contact telephone. Once the occurrence of food safety incidents to do: timely reporting, strict control, proper disposal.


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