Pay attention to make you more healthy breast health net

The process of

local massage

is mainly to strengthen the chest muscles, such as do more appropriate chest movement or push ups chest aerobics.

nutrition should be moderate

adhere to the morning and evening appropriate massage breast, promote the role of nerve reflex, improve the secretion of pituitary gland.

good chest fitness

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

usually walk upright abdomen, buttocks tight; sitting posture also sat erect, not including chest piggyback; sleep supine or lateral position, not prone to.

adolescent women not one-sided pursuit of beautiful curve and blindly diet, diet, adequate intake of protein foods, can increase the amount of fat in the chest, keeping the breast fullness.

avoid trauma

attention posture

breast development, sometimes there may be a slight pain or itch, do not hand squeeze or scratching. Adolescent women should be aware of: this period of breast development is a normal physiological phenomenon, but also one of the signs of bodybuilding, should redouble their breasts to protect the health of the plump.

adolescent girls should do breast care. Adolescent onset of breast development, do not prematurely wear a bra. Breast full development can be started after wearing bra, but the tightness should be appropriate, not too shy overtighten corset.

in labor or sports, must pay attention to protecting the breast, to avoid injury or crush injury.

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