Xining City West District focus on building a public service system for national fitness

in recent years, the correct leadership of the mass sport in the west area of Xining Province, the Municipal Sports Bureau of the strong support and help the west of the district government, the people of the region to actively implement the "sports law" of the "National Fitness Program", mass sports work has made great progress, and gradually improve the mass sports organization, foundation mass sports facilities are increasing, the mass sports activities are widely developed, people’s sports consciousness is improved, the sports population is increasing year by year, effectively improve people’s physique.

today, all over the west area of fitness places like a magnetic field, attracting a large number of people who love life, out of the house, into fitness club, enjoy the sport to bring health and happiness.

health is a sign of high quality life. A healthy body comes from constant exercise, which makes more and more people devote their lives to their fitness activities. West District know, sports facilities is the basis of mass sports work and carry out physical fitness activities of the carrier. West District from the province, Xining city sports department to apply for the establishment of outdoor sports set up a total of more than 40. The district government has increased year by year in sports facilities investment, in 2012, the district government invested 2 million 400 thousand yuan to build a national fitness Plaza in Sujiahe Bay geological District, Pengjia village Zhangjiawan village, Palace Garden District, Pengjia village village fire. In 2013, 3 million yuan investment in the construction of the new national fitness Plaza, the total construction area of more than 4000 square meters, a total of more than 50 pieces of fitness equipment installed, basketball court, table tennis table, a total of six, a total of more than four. In 2014, the transformation of the national fitness project construction, combined with the "ten minutes fitness circle, for the area of 32 buildings of the small area personnel living more residential installation of fitness path, invested more than 140 yuan, more than 370 pieces of equipment installation. According to statistics, the west area of the existing fitness square, path 137, fitness equipment more than 1200 pieces, more than 100 pieces of basketball courts, table tennis table more than 70 pieces, the number of people participating in physical exercise increased year by year. 2015, West District will invest 1 million yuan, the new rural fitness Plaza in the three. In the construction of sports facilities at the same time, also vigorously strengthen the west area has been put into use for the square fitness equipment management of sports facilities, regular inspection and evaluation, for the damaged facilities maintenance, demolition and re installation, and equipment care authority to the community, the village committee equipment. The establishment of special management equipment, the establishment of the use of equipment management system, to maximize the safety of residents to use every piece of equipment.

* organized a variety of events so that people move up

infrastructure is perfect, but also someone organization, guidance, mass sports activities can really heat up." West District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau official said. To this end, the west district combined with the actual situation, the organization carried out a series of people’s favorite sports boutique events and activities, so that people really involved. West District will also have some influence in the masses, reflecting the activities of the long campaign to make good long-term activities;

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