Suzhou to carry out entrepreneurial activities on the nternet so that the project perennial docking

can provide entrepreneurial projects, while others are looking for entrepreneurial projects not to worry, in between the two groups such as the lack of a bridge of communication, therefore, the government in the country to continue efforts. The Suzhou has launched an online venture Week activities, so that the project docking easier.

since 2009, every year on July, Suzhou international elite Entrepreneurship Week will be staged as scheduled, just a few days, high-level talent at home and abroad to bring the project gathered in Sioux City, collision wisdom, exchange and cooperation. It is understood that the Entrepreneurship Week activities in depth, I also developed a new network business week platform, talent, enterprise, service center, investment experts, a carrier, seven line, venture capital and other kinds of system users, the network platform of instant communication information and project docking activities year-round, Entrepreneurship Week become more normal.

in May 31st this year, 2016 Suzhou international elite Entrepreneurship Week for the end, Entrepreneurship Week online registration platform to collect a total innovation project 1586, after the assessment, the public platform in the selection of 1389 projects in three to more than and 120 of the city’s wholesale carrier docking, docking project network rate reached 87%, which accounted for 29% of the depth of the docking intention of the project.

City People Club Bureau relevant person in charge of the development and application of network platform for Entrepreneurship Week, the normalization of docking is a big step forward, seven kinds of users of the system settings, the instant information communication and daily project docking, formed a complete online matchmaking ecosystem function and registration, comment, docking, demand release interactive, one-stop retrieval, intelligent answering, external mail, text retrieval, and enhance the ability of project selection and negotiate docking function.

at the same time, the platform to launch the "impression of Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou pro found only three templates, the full integration of Suzhou government, production, learning and research, innovation and entrepreneurship resources, greatly enhance the adsorption capacity and inclusive Entrepreneurship Week online platform.

network is a platform for Entrepreneurship Week Suzhou international elite Entrepreneurship Week innovation mode of operation, the city also adopted a "fingertips Entrepreneurship Week" "Small Business Week", dedicated to Entrepreneurship Week normalization mechanism construction activities. At the same time, business week also adhere to the "1+10" mode will do, except the main meeting site, distinguishing 10 city, set up at the venue, with all the characteristics of the industry, the comprehensive survey and carry out highly personalized, diversified project docking, effectively improve the project to negotiate the exchange of targeted and efficient service.

according to the introduction, Suzhou has a total of 27 national industrial base, but the cities of the industry characteristics, different advantages, such as Kunshan’s electronics, new energy industry, photovoltaic industry in Wujiang, Wuzhong bio pharmaceutical industry etc.. Through the venue, around the industrial development characteristics, highlight the clear direction of talents, to create special features, guiding innovation and recommendation

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