Encourage people to report real name according to law

In June 23rd, the city prosecutors and police officers into the organs, organizations, rural communities, enterprises, into the campus, with people face-to-face exchanges, actively promote the investigation and prevention of the effectiveness of crime, corruption and further strengthen their confidence to fight. So far, the city’s procuratorial organs to carry out the 2015 report Publicity Week kicked off. Among them, the procuratorial organs at all levels to report the phone call, and actively carry out the real name reply, reward meritorious personnel activities to encourage people to report real name, according to the law report.

propaganda theme of the event is: "the implementation of reporting requirements, to promote anti-corruption and norms of justice, the procuratorial organs to take into the community, set up publicity, the attorney general to carry out an operational and other forms of publicity to promote the rule of law, rule of law Province, punishing corruption prevention policy, publicity prosecutors investigating focus and effectiveness and the duty crime prevention work, promote judicial standardization construction, to guide people to correctly exercise the right of reporting, according to the program to express their demands, strength and effectiveness so that the people truly feel the procuratorial organs to punish the crime of corruption, improve the enthusiasm of the people involved in the anti-corruption struggle. My city telephone, the procuratorial organs at all levels are as follows: 12309-2 city’s Chengdong District procuratorate; 8132000; West City District procuratorate District procuratorate 6112000; 4912000; 5122000 North District procuratorate; Datong County Procuratorate of Huangzhong County procuratorate 2722000; 2232000; 2432000 Huangyuan County procuratorate.  

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