How good figure must rub crush will become large breast health net


if it is his beloved person with his hand to touch his chest, I believe that the vast majority of women will feel heart rate faster, this is because of the reasons for the increase in sex hormones. The same way, if the opposite sex to their chest massage, then tend to become bigger faster. But be aware that this is the best thing to do for your partner.

often kneading breast, will have the function of promoting blood circulation, which can effectively make the breast becomes larger, but not in the process of rubbing force is too large, too often, to avoid breast swelling. The best is the right amount, and do 3 or 5 times a week on it.

is a relatively simple rough hands touching, the palm spread, five fingers, one hand on the chest of the main rooms, a hand on the chest is placed at the top of the hand, slowly push down, put at the bottom of the hand to push, so alternate several times, can effectively promote breast blood circulation.

this way is rubbing the chest more common way, the first is to take off at around the breast bra, slowly pressed by the index finger, the breast will gently rebound, put your finger up again, gently point pressure, so repeated several times, so it can effectively alleviate the fatigue of the solution of the chest.

massage breast is not a shameful thing, many people want their breast can become larger, but they do not want to do breast surgery, for breast surgery, Xiao Bian also suggested that, if not necessary, it is best not to do. Some people turn to other ways to make the chest bigger, of which there is a good way is through the rub, then rub also need some skills, how to rub it?

1 points by rubbing chest method

2 palm touch

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