Ensuring road traffic safety in accordance with the law and serving the economic and social developm

recently, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Ma Wei led some standing committee members, deputies went to Xining City, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, on the implementation of the road traffic safety law enforcement inspection and implementation measures of the situation in our province.

Ma Wei fully affirmed the province at all levels of government and relevant departments to carry out a lot of fruitful for the road traffic safety law in our province and measures for the implementation of the work, provided strong support for the healthy development of economy and society, in response to the masses of the people of safe and smooth travel for hot cutting.

Ma Wei pointed out that the road traffic safety is related to people’s lives and property safety and economic and social development, to further strengthen the organization and leadership, focus on the formation of the work force, strengthen departmental interaction, improve the ability of law enforcement to improve traffic safety; road traffic planning, strengthen infrastructure construction, strengthen the informationization construction, promote the sharing of resources, improve service ability; to strengthen the publicity of laws and regulations, a wealth of innovative forms of propaganda, improve the whole society to respect legal law usage consciousness; to further strengthen the hidden danger, the police force to sink, adhere to innovation, the way of reform initiatives, the rule of law thinking, to resolve the difficulties, improve emergency response capabilities, to reduce accidents, to promote the smooth and safety; strengthen the construction of law enforcement team, to promote science and technology strong police, promote standard Strict and civilized law enforcement, and make new contributions to the protection of road traffic safety in accordance with the law.


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