New library of the province this year 29 opening up

as a "12th Five-Year" period, one of the key projects of the province’s public cultural service system construction – the provincial library will be opened on the 29 day of this month. The new museum and the provincial cultural center, the provincial art museum stood side by side, becoming another cultural landmark building in the downtown area of the province, a total of nearly 100 thousand books on shelves for readers.

provincial library was founded in 1934, is the province’s only large-scale comprehensive public library, is the province’s directory and library interlibrary cooperation and business research, cultural exchange center. In recent years, actively promote the construction of the public electronic reading room "plan" Digital Library Extension Project "" Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project "three major projects, to achieve the province at all levels of library software and hardware comprehensive upgrading, the public library service level.

The new

library by function area is divided into three ABC region, A region is B new district service area, for the old building service area, C area for the business district. The bright times out, especially in the high-tech, automation, electronic, intelligent and humane five modern service function, realize intelligent and electronic readers’ service in publishing, in the information service; information guide to realize visualization, wireless; book borrowing and reading, but also realize the automation of electronic reading; to achieve full coverage of cloud terminal technology, online search, online and offline reading, download a station in place; digital experience 3D new visual enjoyment, high fidelity music and cutting-edge science and technology experience.


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