Police remind the public police control simulation gun is not the sale of firearms possession


to buy imitation guns is illegal, should be punished according to law, Xining city of 3 people and a Golmud people buy from online imitation guns have been breaking the law, the police seized guns, one of them was a criminal detention. Police remind the public that the police control simulation gun is not the sale, possession of firearms.

in August this year, Chongqing, Nanjing and other places in the work of the police uncovered a number of online selling imitation guns case, after investigation, there are some guns by the citizens of Golmud and Xining province by way of online shopping to buy respectively. The case to the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol corps, caused our province attaches great importance to the police, Interpol Corps September 15th, according to the clues, respectively in Xining City, 3 people home seized fake AWP sniper rifle, a gas gun, a fake MP5 AUP imitation of a gas gun. The police, the 3 gun is completely in accordance with the proportion of genuine imitation metal shell, is just a projectile, but also will cause harm to human body. Police also arrested in Golmud from the Internet to buy imitation German PPK pistol and imitation revolver on behalf of a terrible, the two guns are equipped with metal ammunition. Currently, on behalf of a criminal detention by the police. According to the police, these simulation guns are expensive, 600 yuan to 1000 yuan, to buy these guns is a simulation of occupation, because of love or want to play the birds to buy imitation guns, police seized guns, some people keep guns as "art" products placed at home to enjoy but I do not know, this is a violation of the law. In accordance with the relevant laws, the police criticized the education of 3 people in Xining punishment, while the people of Golmud on behalf of the police because of the purchase of a gun was detained by the police for 2.


shows a police officer who is showing a captured gun.


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