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the course a lot of girls in the retention of body hair, most worried about is her boyfriend’s feelings; the boys involved in shaving, afraid of man feel too niang. This course is to make them aware of, masculine and feminine is how the definition of social norms, how to make people imperceptibly produce identity, and break the normal procedure will bear much pressure.

"the girl insisted on not shave a semester, the boys from the neck to adhere to the removal of all hair heel, can get extra credit", this is Briana gender studies professor at the Arizona State University (Breanne Fahs)? FASS classroom rules. Really? Small partners, you dare to try it?

in the discussion of women’s shaving, the most common proposition is: "you have the freedom you do not shave, she has the freedom to shave her, this is a personal choice, but also willing to hurt themselves." However, our choice did not happen in a vacuum — when the social evaluation one-sided preference for a particular kind of approach and belittle another option, when consumerism through movies, magazines to promote our hair removal products, it is difficult to say women in the choice of which is "true freedom", isn’t it?

, however, "incomplete freedom" does not mean that women do not have room for maneuver. Shaving is not the opposite of feminism, not shaving. Feminist women choose certain behavior and not abetting the stigma of another, because its opposition to single culture is. Also, everyone want to mainstream aesthetic and values together, those interests and negotiation are the consequences of different space — urban white-collar women and transgender women, female politicians and female workers for shaving subjective feelings and do not shave shaving may differ. Shouting "love the body", "be yourself", "refuse objectifying women" slogans against shaving, coming out with urging all homosexuals like, ignore the situation be beneath the human character.

when we criticize shaving on the female gaze, should be alert to the opposite, that is "the body of essentialism". Although there are many worthy of criticism about shaving, but excessive hair advocate of "natural beauty" fall into another trap. Because, without modification of the "true" body itself is a myth; "nature" is often used to justify the opposition between male and female stereotypes, explores not conducive to sex and gender; blindly deny body transformation, will be the only standard of fashion into the "natural", a superficial reform; even. The essence of this.

woman should shave?

in fact, "since ancient times, let the woman too stingy to pull out a hair is not uncomfortable. At the beginning of the last century, with the increasingly short skirts and sleeveless shirts became popular, Western razor manufacturers began producing ladies’ razor and depilatory cream to create beautiful posters that women hair removal of "clean" and "beautiful". Since then, the axillary and leg hair removal is popular. Gradually, our society praise a smooth skin, bushy hair and lazy and vulgar linked to female body implantation on anxiety, then let them go to buy these goods to regain confidence and grace.

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