Can not withstand the pressure of the rural electricity supplier in the Five Fingers Group

electricity supplier in the development of the world is very rapid, but in rural areas would also need some heat supplier to do like the city and more likely. Have to say is placed in front of the electricity supplier of Five Fingers Group, as long as the way to overcome this Five Fingers Group, so rural electricity providers can be said to be a duck, and look down.

recently held 2015 Jingdong Q3 earnings conference call, Jingdong executives said: has covered more than 2200 counties and districts nationwide. In fact, as early as the end of 2014, Liu Qiangdong had revealed that will start the rural agent program, marking the start of the strategic layout of the rural electricity supplier Jingdong.

in addition to Jingdong, Alibaba in the rural electricity supplier in the field of action, in 2014, the Alibaba announced plans to launch a thousand million village in the county, will be three to five years to invest 10 billion yuan, in order to promote the development of rural e-commerce.

Statistics said that in 2016 the rural online shopping market is expected to exceed 460 billion yuan, the future may exceed the size of the consumer. And in constant development. In October this year, Premier Li Keqiang held a meeting to accelerate the deployment of rural electricity supplier development.

giant advance, favorable market, policy support, all of which shows that the rural electricity supplier contains endless potential, good prospects for development, the future will become a new red sea, attracting the influx of manufacturers.

however, regardless of the actual situation of rural electricity providers are empty talk about! The supplier is not advertising whitewashing, not to get rich road, not only fix logistics, rural electricity supplier is change the user’s habits, improve the shopping environment, improve the quality of life of farmers. To promote rural electricity providers, must grab from the source.

1, network penetration rate of

at present, China’s rural network coverage is low. Data show that as of June 2015, China’s Internet penetration in rural areas was 30.1%, less than half of urban areas. Premier Li Keqiang held a State Council meeting, decided to improve the rural and remote areas broadband telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism, narrowing the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Also from the side reflects the rural and remote areas there is a huge gap, have to subsidize the promotion of rural network construction.

if the network coverage can be made to compensate for the low. To improve farmers’ network usage is a long way to go. At present, China’s non urban household registration staff reached 600 million, while the total number of rural left behind more than 150 million, of which the majority of the elderly, women, children. For a lifetime to stay in the village even opened a TV carefully all the rural elderly, senior computer as good as the object, reluctant to use not to say, the complicated operation, the elderly people.


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