Clothing stores in the elderly need to pay attention to what issues

operating clothing stores, the choice of different types of products, positioning different, naturally need to adopt a different approach. If you open the clothing store in the elderly, then need to pay attention to what matters? Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you, hurry to look at it.

A, change the concept of market: with the further development of China’s economy, the elderly clothing consumption towards fashion, taste and high quality. The diversified development trend of leisure, from the traditional thrifty to meet basic functions into warm dress aesthetic pursuit. In the near future, the traditional concept that the poor income of older people, the concept of conservative consumption will change the status quo.

two, comparative advantage: for the production of various types of occupation clothing, suits, leisure, sports apparel enterprises, bring the market of homogeneous products price competition has made them increasingly meager profits. Fashion fashion fashion cycle, the challenge is to limit the design and the high cost of logistics requirements, a little careless, liquidity into product inventory. In contrast, the elderly clothing fashion cycle is long, a single model of the product without mass production, with a relatively stable market, so the development of old clothing with low risk and high efficiency of the market return.

open in the elderly is different from the general clothing store, clothing store, after all the objects are not the same. So if you want to join the business to do business, you need to use different operating skills, the above mentioned a few points for reference, I hope you can successfully find a suitable way of business.

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