Shenyang special group of entrepreneurs can enjoy tax reduction policy

for the special crowd of entrepreneurship, each city policy will be different, so that these special groups to create entrepreneurial environment will naturally be different. To comply with the provisions of a "Employment Permit" (the original "unemployment registration certificate") engaged in self-employed persons, self employment of retired soldiers, in 3 years 9600 yuan per household per year for the quota, in order to deduct the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education, local education surcharge additional fees and personal income tax.

with the processing properties for the service trade enterprises, enterprises and employment service enterprises in the processing enterprises and communities of small business entities, in their new year, new recruits in the public employment service agencies human resources and social security departments and in accordance with the provisions of the registered unemployed for more than half a year to "employment permit" (the original "employment the unemployment registration certificate") personnel, self employment of retired soldiers, with the signing of more than 1 years of fixed-term labor contract and pay social insurance premiums, according to the actual number of recruits in 3 years, followed by quota deduction of the business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and enterprise income tax. The fixed standard deduction of 5200 yuan per person per year, including self employment of retired soldiers to recruit new fixed standard deduction of 6000 yuan per person per year.

to guide college graduates to work in villages and towns, especially in difficult Township organs and institutions. County and township authorities Zhaolu civil servants to recruit college graduates; and below the county level institutions each year to come up with a certain number of positions open recruitment of college graduates eligible. Continue to implement the ad hoc program for teachers in rural compulsory education.

for hiring college graduates to serve the village "," college students volunteer service in Northwest "and" three help "plan the service expires examination of qualified college graduates, open recruitment institutions in the city can be taken when targeted recruitment. The organs and institutions of each year in accordance with the provisions of the proportion of targeted recruiting (recruits) college graduates join the army retired personnel; the municipal state-owned enterprises in accordance with the self employment of newly hired workers each year 5% of the total proportion of college recruiting retired soldiers. Each region should be in the street (township), community (Village) to buy a number of public management and social service positions, to attract college graduates employment.

is different from social entrepreneurs, these special groups of people because of a variety of entrepreneurship, they can embark on the road of entrepreneurship, will face more problems. Therefore, Shenyang proposed such a preferential policy, will undoubtedly help more local people to embark on a special path of entrepreneurship, to open up a bigger entrepreneurial market, to create more entrepreneurial performance.

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