The dog was sent to Beijing to pick up Jo Jo and his heart reunited

Beijing was sent back to the dog, dog "Jo Jo" who was also carrying a note of apology, the stolen dog event want to give more people steal some inspiration, dogs are human’s good friends, I hope more people join the ranks of animal protection.

"it is called Jo Jo, 7 years old this year, a black labrador dog, February 22, 2016 morning at about eight, in the Po Zhen Shunyi District horse home village Yamen in Beijing City, a van forcibly taken away, please kindly don’t hurt it." Yesterday morning, micro-blog, everywhere in the circle of friends, forward this message, everyone looking for a "Jo Jo" dog. The guide dog owner Tian Fengbo Jo Jo confirmed that the family was brought out in the morning "walk", is a gray van Hebei license away. Reporters learned that the public security departments are investigating.

base after the evaluation, confirmed that Tian Fengbo has some ability to travel, can be relied on for blind groping out of training together after a month, then Jo Jo gave him the dog. Tian Fengbo out, the basic two points line. When the weather is fine, he will choose to go to work on foot. When crossing the road there was a car, Jo Jo stopped, and the sound of passing cars weakened. Tian Fengbo asked, "can you go?"" Jo Jo confirmed that no car, will stride forward, move on. In winter, Tian Fengbo’s family drive. Jo Jo will sit with him in the back, nearly six years of service, Jo Jo is his family.

"cannot do without it, please help me find it." Tian Fengbo and his family on the Internet for help information, a lot of big V to help forward. Tian Fengbo built a WeChat group, there are new friends to apply to add, they are eager to help Tian Fengbo find the volunteers of the Jo Jo. Tian Fengbo is also the fastest time to report to the police. Yesterday, the public security department responded that the investigation is currently in full swing. Recommended

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