Jiangxi City Xinyu to carry out the work of venture capital loan policy advocacy


now throughout the government for entrepreneurship has a very favorable policy, but also for the loan is also a lot of concessions, but many people in this aspect is very insufficient, some even for preferential policies do not understand and give up the idea of entrepreneurship. To this end, the city of Xinyu in Jiangxi to carry out the work of venture capital loan policy advocacy work, so that more people know the relevant preferential policies.

In order to further improve the

business loan policy propaganda work, to stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, make the whole society especially qualified personnel, more understanding, familiar with business loan policy, give full play a multiplier effect, business loans to support entrepreneurship, promote employment recently, Xinyu City Yushui District Public Employment Service Bureau jointly Luofang town of human resources of social security services, Xinyu City Commercial Bank into the town of Yushui District Luofang promote entrepreneurship loan policy.

in the promotion process, the propaganda group into the stores, door-to-door to distributing promotional materials, etc., use policy answers to business loan application conditions, application procedures and source of funds to conduct a detailed explanation. During the event, a total of more than 1000 kinds of leaflets issued by the various types of entrepreneurs to accept more than 50 people consulting policy.

although the government has been providing a variety of preferential entrepreneurial policies, but many people are still very unfamiliar, leading to the development of their own career blocked. Therefore, this campaign, so that the masses to understand business loans with preferential policies, improve the awareness, to ensure compliance with the conditions and the entrepreneurial intention of staff can always pay attention to the policy, understand the policy, received good results.

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