Shop how to save money

many people think, do the store business, need to invest funds is very large, if it is to do online business, business on the Internet, so almost no what actually shop in business investment, sometimes need to pay some cost, do not underestimate the shop, do not think that there is something with computer net can sell to make money, goods can not spend money, compared to online trading and trading line, the relatively low cost, but also needs some publicity funds. The shop manager how to save money.

choose ordinary shop pricing money

in Taobao shop shop and ordinary Pu Pu points, and need monthly pay part of the cost, choose the kind of store, you must first assess the type you this market for goods and commodities, goods or property prices is rational, based on perceptual commodities is what.

when your goods are belongs to the perceptual commodities prices in the low-end level (basically maintained at less than 100 yuan), and a lot of potential customers, and your time enough, you can open the shop, his own shop to take care of more refined. Otherwise, start from the general store. Commodity pricing and promotion should also have a certain pricing skills, both to allow customers to accept and make their own profits.

the use of operators to provide free services

in the modern network marketing, in order to attract the attention of customers, many network operators have tried a lot of methods to provide convenience to customers, especially to find a convenient service channel for customers, they usually play this free card, or what gifts, promotions etc.. These can be fully considered.

decoration and promotion cost

key to cause bigger shop, let customers find you, want to let everyone in the world can be retrieved through your search engine, you must submit your website to the more well-known global search engine. The common search engines: Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sina and other Sohu, search,

to select the most appropriate logistics service

The root

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