What are the risks of opening a mother shop

entrepreneurial shop this idea is good, but in the current market environment, the opening of a mother and child shop has become a choice for more people. However, due to fierce competition in the industry, and now no matter what they are faced with a very big risk, so do the mother and child business. So, what are the risks of opening a mother shop?

first, the rent is high: the mother and child shop consumption has been narrow, if the location is not good sales promotion means, it is difficult to improve business, and lots of good store rents and high.

solution: the importance of the store, to carry out the directory, website sales and other forms of delivery, so that maternal and child store stores just play a role in the show, then, the store address and then a little bit better.

two, the organization is difficult: do not look at the maternal and child supplies market, engage in a lot of joining, but there is little market allows customers to enter all of the goods in a single lump. Because the baby face is too wide (covering daily necessities, gifts, toys, bedding, lathe, food, shoes and hats, underwear, coats, memory products, special products, mother supplies, toiletries, books, etc.) need to purchase several markets, increase the number of purchase cost virtually.


solution is: maternal stores don’t urge vendor objective, don’t blindly on price low, now the price transparency is very high, special low price is only an individual brand, may be used to attract customers, there will be a special low price, will be particularly high. Supply stability, fast replenishment, moderate price is the most important.

three: first, slow replenishment of maternal stores purchase because of the purchase amount is large, so relatively easy to enter arrival, but the replenishment is 00 pieces, the replenishment is slow after opening the real problem.

solution: for several relatively complete products, low bulk suppliers, good negotiation: first they can go there after the purchase, but also less replenishment must be timely sent, will only speak some good.

four: Chinese, harsh competitive environment is the most serious suit case, a look at your business is good, immediately in front of you left behind on the right side of the open up, competition is not a bad thing, the problem is with each other will only engage in a price war, get more and more low profit, only to belittle the opponent, attacking the opponent, so that consumers I believe anyone who is not, are wary of the entire industry.

solution: to store mother products with more added value, giving customers more practical nursing knowledge, to treat people with professional knowledge as a guide, to convince you, then generate loyalty.

can not be denied, now operating business is indeed a good mother and a big market, but at the same time recommended

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