Migrant workers to return home to support entrepreneurship to return home entrepreneurship support

after the end of the two sessions, the provinces and municipalities to return home to start a positive entrepreneurial action, Anhui is to return home to start a new policy of migrant workers! I believe that with the support of the policy, there will be more and more migrant workers to achieve entrepreneurial dream, driven by the overall economic development in Anhui province.

2015, the general office of the State Council issued on the support of migrant workers and other personnel to return home business advice to promote the return of migrant workers and other personnel. Migrant workers is a huge group, once their entrepreneurial enthusiasm will create a "light", "public entrepreneurship, innovation" new world.

for many migrant workers, the funding issue is a bottleneck for their home business, tailored service workers union venture capital is given returned entrepreneurs "salary support", can play the role of encouragement and motivation.



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