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(postpartum breast sagging serious how to do?)

bosom shrink drop do?

data survey said that more than 90% of women after childbirth and lactation will appear chest sagging, soft and elastic phenomenon. Some of their own little sister, postpartum is turned into an airport". Postpartum how to do to restore the fullness of the chest?

have a sagging chest?

4 massage breast

first in the diet should strengthen nutrition, high protein food to eat some soy milk and eggs, add more zinc, chromium and promote human sexuality and sexual function of the formation of important active elements. In particular, chromium, which can promote the absorption of glucose and other parts of the body into fat in the breast, breast fullness, so as to solve the problem of postpartum breast sagging.

1 enhanced nutrition

think that many new mothers breast-feeding bra feeding is not convenient for the baby, but also at home is also no one, so simply do not wear a bra. It is wrong to do so, new mothers can buy special nursing bra, such feeding is more convenient. If you do not wear a bra, the breast is difficult to withstand the pressure of the milk is easy to drop, and when the milk and more, go up the road to the chest rock, after a long period, more severe ptosis.

postpartum women can do at home with some simple exercise to help exercise chest muscles, increase muscle strength. Such as the production of a week after the expansion of the chest movement, the daily increase in exercise. In the production of 21 days, can be used to do a little dumbbell exercise to enlarge the chest, every morning and evening, each time for 3 to 5 minutes, gradually increasing the amount of exercise, which can effectively prevent sagging breasts.

proper feeding is important to prevent sagging breasts. Remember to alternate feeding in Bao mother, baby eat empty one breast, the mummy to the other side of the breast with the breast pump suction air, keep the size symmetrical on both sides of the breast. If the pregnancy is large side, the side can let the baby suck on small

before going to sleep or wake up before his mother can be a hand index finger, middle finger, ring finger close together on the contralateral breast, nipple centric, clockwise from the breast circling the outer edge to the inside, on both sides of the breast 10 times each. This helps to promote local blood circulation and estrogen secretion, increase the nutritional supply of breast.

How does Why does

it is well known that women in pregnancy and lactation due to the role of progesterone, breast content increases, will become more than usual fullness. After a long period of lactation, until the mother weaned, the decline in ovarian function, hormone levels, breast gland atrophy, acinar collapse, disappear, the breast is shrinking and smaller. And some mothers in the use of the wrong method of breast-feeding, also can cause breast sagging.

2 sports breast

3 breastfeeding with a bra

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