The little snail booth to open hotel of Shaoxing foreign entrepreneurs Lu Jianding’s success

catering industry has been very high profit industries, especially with the rapid development of economy, driven by the consumption of food and beverage industry level, there are many people who have joined the catering industry, there is such a person, he won his success by a pot of fried snail.

1988, because his father suddenly fell ill, only 18 years old, Lu Jianding had to give up his studies, from Ningbo, Yuyao, Shaoxing, and then work in a restaurant in a restaurant. Hard-working, smart and studious, 4 years working career, Lu Jianding learned a good cook. The little chef with glasses began to dream of owning a hotel of his own.

century at the beginning of 90s, a stall in Shaoxing City River Bridge is become fashionable for a time, gathered in the snail booth. Lu Jianding sees the opportunity. 1993, Lu Jianding and mother together, with a tricycle and a few tables, set up a bridge in the river snail booth, the first step of entrepreneurship. Although the stall has been very small, reputation is gradually big, people remember Lu Jianding fried snail fragrance, and he wears glasses fried snail.

2002, the municipal government will bridge at the river snail stalls unified planning moved to East night stalls. At that time, some stall holders that the night stalls moved the main city, no popularity, the prospects are not optimistic, have quit the night stalls. Lu Jianding firmly believe that as long as the quality and service upgrade, no worries no business. Lu Jianding not only in the east of the city night snack stick with his "male glasses snail spread, not family and friends of the opposition, put all sorts of things together about 600000 yuan, in April 2004 the people of West plate under a failing hotel. "Popular corner will have some business?" The male snail spreading glasses hotel in the voices of doubt and lively opening, then the popular business proves that Lu Jianding is a wise choice.

"we do business is doing, and don’t be afraid of hardship, not afraid to lose." Lu Jianding said with a smile, he is a migrant workers, but no one put him as an outsider. Whenever you meet with difficulties, you can always get help and support from a lot of people. The male Snail Hotel had glasses stand in an old customer referral tray.

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