What are the Niuluobin cake to join project support

hungry can eat bread to eat, can eat bread with the greedy. Of course, delicious sweet bread can bring you the ultimate enjoyment of taste. Now the cake dessert is very welcome by the people, no matter in what place, there are adults and children come to buy to enjoy, especially Niuluobin cake, it is by virtue of cake design rich, deeply attracted by the vast number of consumers, so that people can enjoy a rich cake delicacy, so that every consumer be faithful repeat.

Niuluobin cake join? Can give investors what support?

Niuluobin a bland and tasteless cake cake image, bold innovation, through the collocation with various delicacy, make cake with combination of cake, delicacy, delicacy, to allow consumers to solve their problems at the same time, can greatly enjoy the taste. In particular, souffles Niuluobin classic hair stick bag, bag, a row of blueberry caska bean cake and a series of delicacy, is to let Niuluobin cake won numerous customer praise. At the same time, in the process of making a cake in the Niuluobin very carefully, full open and transparent, so that consumers understand the production process of the cake, to enable consumers to eat more at ease.

Niuluobin cake join support:

1. store location and evaluation support:

store on customer site notices and site evaluation guidance, help partners to store alternative geographical environment, human environment and economic situation analysis and evaluation, a good grasp of the first shop.

2. store decoration design support:

design department for each investor shops tailored to consumers, to create a warm, romantic, fashion, taste of leisure space, the formation of competitive differentiation with traditional brand, let you have a unique style of the store.

3. opening support:

headquarters for full support, in your store 3 days before the opening of professional team includes: Market Research, product portfolio, price positioning, material purchase, management training, marketing plan and practice.

4. marketing planning support:

company in accordance with the different seasons of the year to develop a series of product marketing programs to help you further enhance sales performance. If the partners plan their own promotional programs, the company will give the greatest support and cooperation. Such as: business planning, marketing planning, advertising, promotion, public welfare activities, etc..

5. new product development support:

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