What is the process of opening the yogurt bar

novice yogurt need to pay attention to what issues? Many novice entrepreneurs are starting from the initial stage of learning, so any franchisee should Study hard, do more security investment work, hurry to learn about it, and I hope to help you.

/ step method

to milk bar equipment manufacturers to visit

milk it investment although not large, but in the process of investment to Caution!, go visit manufacturers, manufacturers of strength and background.

sign the related contract

all milk bar equipment and other products will arrive in succession in 7 days, by the customer to pay the freight equipment, the total freight at about 500.

will generally have specialized technical conduct on-site guidance


equipment after the arrival of such damage, quality problems, Lulu milk bar bear, if customers of the product dissatisfied, you want to return, pay the freight. All equipment warranty for one year.

novice to open the basic process of yogurt is said above, you can reference some previous experience, summed up some useful experience. The above analysis would like to help you, if you do not know where you can learn a lot, the novice should be maintained in the initial stage of this attitude, you learn quickly!

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