What are the three principles of successful business investment in early childhood

said that although early business risks exist very large, however, as long as we can grasp the three principles, the successful operation of an early education institutions can also become very simple. So, what are the three principles of successful business investment in early childhood? Let’s get to know each other.

first, to moderate size, compact and flexible.

in order to attract high-income customers, mostly in the center location and convenient transportation of the large high-grade communities, so the area is too large operating costs are too high. Generally 200-300 square meters enough, including parent-child activity room 50-60m2, sensory integration training room 50m2, evaluation room 15m2, office 20m2, AIDS exhibition and reception areas of 20m2, 30m2 and other affiliated functional areas. After decorating the proper arrangement of the small, warm world such a complete enough to keep more than and 20 children inside the kind of.

in the mode of running schools, it is also possible to make full use of all the resources of cooperation, after all, this is a country in the people’s interests. For example, the city of Shanghai, more than two thousand communities must be attached to supporting kindergarten, some early education institutions to carry out the win-win cooperation with the community, the community to provide space and even license, company faculty management, usually community will extract 10%-20% costs, but the strength is not strong investors can save a large part of the expenditure.

second, professional standards determine success or failure.

Two years ago,

, a sudden emergence of a lot of domestic development center, but the life and death, is the professional level. Babe Zou Tao South studied statistics, under the guise of a foreign theory, the lack of professional support center, the average life expectancy is 6 months. Zou Tao himself in order to ensure the teaching level, hire domestic preschool education, the composition of the expert group postdoctoral Professor, the research and development of more than a year, the unique PAP (parents do the child’s early education partners) mode, in one fell swoop in early education market to establish a distinctive brand of their own.

third, entrepreneurs choose to join the chain, to be careful.

is a responsible leader in selling their own brands, will actively provide a full set of support scheme in detail, to ensure the quality of the franchise. Usually, this support plan should include: providing curriculum, teaching plan, class instruction; teaching and living areas layout rules (including decoration, accessories, color) and acceptance; teaching aids; staff training evaluation; promotion of market development and the latest research results of assistance; heart; quarterly summary of evaluation daily management; rules; customer service processes.

in the selection, there are a few details that the professional brand, for example, there is no leader "

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