The study found that high fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer type specific female he

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute ( The

) suggests that high fat intake is associated with a high risk of certain types of breast cancer.

Italy Milan National Cancer Research Center, the researchers reported in the paper, the last century in 70s, people have put forward the risk high fat intake and breast cancer link between, but after the relevant research conclusions are in conflict with each other. Now, according to the estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression, breast cancer is divided into several subtypes, each subtype has a group of risk factors, they suspect it resulted in inconsistencies in the previous research results.

researchers on a data in the implementation of the 10 nation European cancer and nutrition survey analysis, the survey interviewed nearly 340 thousand women in the study averaged 11.5 years, about 10 thousand people suffering from breast cancer. The analysis shows that high fat intake and increase the risk of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer is significantly associated with the saturated fat intake (at least every day about 15.4 grams) than people, saturated fat intake was highest (about 47.5 grams per day) the population risk of these subtypes of breast cancer is higher than 28%.

researchers conclude that "high fat diet increases breast cancer risk. Most notably, high saturated fat intake increased the risk of receptor positive disease, suggesting that saturated fat is associated with the etiology of receptor positive breast cancer."

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