Tesla team to send the connotation of luxury White Valentine’s Day


with love the people together every day is Valentine’s day, but true to the Valentine’s day that day, people still need to be said, in the white people in Shanghai have the plot, a big event, the team sent Tesla beef, this is how the luxury connotation!

3 14 in the morning, in the vicinity of Shanghai city intellectual Industrial Park, gathered a large number of "Chaoyang people", it is significant to happen? The camera closer! For a closer look, dozens of cars Tesla electric car to greet, it is show? How will the horse in the road? Why? Our hands the beef is what? I found a curious side of the "Chaoyang" people ask a clear, the original luxury fleet sent Tesla beef.

as has been a favorite beef world-class pianist, beauty teacher Chen Jie today also received an unexpected gift to send the Tesla team beef, also comes with a box of soil egg. Miss Chen Jie was very happy and surprised. Chen Jie was very happy to receive such a gift on Valentine’s day, and I hope more and more people will eat healthy and safe food.

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