What town to open shop Two way intermediary market

urban population is limited, if you want to open a profitable shop, you need to extend the business to the surrounding, so that it is possible to make the shop business is more popular. So, if you want to open a profitable shop in the town, it is necessary to do a good job related choices. So, what kind of town shop? Now no matter what city or Township People’s consumption level is increasing, therefore, the town shop project is also more and more, this is to introduce you to a new town shop project is very suitable.

city residents out of household items, sell second-hand dealer is too cheap to put in the home and take place; farmers have a passion for second-hand goods, it is too expensive to buy the second-hand dealer hands. What town to open shop? The exchange of goods store opened, so that people in the city and rural people have benefits.

these items exchange stores need to city and countryside and set up a direct swap with city secondhand goods and rural products. What town to open shop? Need to rely on a city, the city to two or three cities (regional, county-level cities) as appropriate, or a first tier cities (capital cities), and then extended to the township.

business scope

town to open what shop? From the city bought second-hand home appliances (including computer), furniture, tables and chairs; for example, a second-hand desktop computer, in the secondary market sales price in 300~400 yuan, the price will have quite the market in rural areas.

town to open what shop? From the acquisition, native products, farm homegrown agricultural and sideline products, pure green, very popular in the city, can also use the services of replacement.

trading methods and suggestions

agricultural products according to market price,

second-hand products pricing in the secondary market.


town to open what shop? Pay attention to logistics costs, while the amount of capital flow is not small, suitable for a few people to do the partnership, it is recommended to cooperate with the acquisition of secondary institutions and logistics agencies. Such as the operation of home appliances and computers and other products, the need for local maintenance network.

does not think there will be a good market? If you are ready to open a shop in the town, but can not find good business opportunities, then, with a small series of such an introduction, you will consider opening such a two-way intermediary? From the above analysis we can no doubt be seen, such intermediary business will be very good oh.

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