Breast cancer prevention and treatment of high quality olive oil to help you ‘s health ne

"we had a large number of epidemiological studies, we now have the data to prove that the unique Mediterranean diet system can prevent cancer, heart disease and aging, the main person in charge of the research project, associate professor of Northwestern University in Chicago. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for the Americans to find their way into clinical practice. They can only use a few cancer cells taken from cancer patients. Next, we do experiments on animals before they can be used in clinical trials, and only after a series of processes can we recommend the widespread use of them. However, there is nothing to prevent the patient from starting to use more olive oil.

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first, as Chicago scholars identified as olive acid can inhibit called female nerve sheath -2 cancer gene activity by protein to cause breast cancer could be found after the treatment of breast cancer risk reduced by 46%. For those who are suffering from breast cancer, olive oil can also prevent the deterioration of olive oil can improve the therapeutic effect of breast cancer treatment. If there is only a small amount of olive acid in the role, then the cancer cells will gradually adapt to the environment of the olive acid, and continue to grow, but if the amount of olive acid reached enough, then the tumor cells will be killed.

of course, the above said olive oil refers to the quality, and is a squeeze of olive oil. When you buy olive oil, because you do not properly save, may lead to a tragedy in your life: it is well known that poor quality olive oil will not only lose its medical properties, but also carcinogenic substances.

American scholars have shown that olive oil can prevent breast cancer. That’s why women living in the Mediterranean are less likely to get breast cancer. Olive oil is the main component of olive oil, the Mediterranean region, most of the dishes contain this ingredient. A study by researchers at the Northwestern University in Chicago has shown that the substance not only reduces the risk of developing cancer, but also increases the cure rate, even if it is malignant. The results were published in the 2005 issue of the annals of oncology.

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