Entrepreneurs take the money after VC notes

entrepreneurs take VC money after the attention of what? Get VC money is successful, it should immediately go to realize the life that originally wanted, began to covet pleasure? Entrepreneurs should not be so easy to meet and start to enjoy so early, there should be a lot of things to do!


VC to invest in a company, become a shareholder of the company, VC and entrepreneurs have become a close partnership between, perhaps short, perhaps long-term. In any case, it is the most important to maintain a friendly and harmonious relationship between the two sides.

is a successful entrepreneur, his company won the VC investment, the company has experienced ups and downs, but he has been with his VC investment to maintain good relations. I to learn from him, asked him how to do, he gave me a few small experience. I think it is very deep, I guarantee that if entrepreneurs follow suit, the same can do well with their investors. These experiences: first, written reports, the first half of the week. Six months after a month. Report to: any business, including sales, employees, partners, etc.. Two is the business summary, in accordance with the requirements of the frequency of VC.

There are a lot of

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