A good project to predict 2013 fires

good project change every year, every year is constantly updated, as the 2012 entered the second half of 2013, coming to end, so what the project will fire, following small series with a few to predict 2013 will fire a good project for you, to give you the early preparation!

now, with the emergence of urban DINK and elderly empty nest phenomenon, "a pet in the family has become a city of fashion. The location of the best shops in the vicinity of the park, the public square or pet hospital, to attempt to rally". According to forecasts, the next 10 years, China’s number of "Kazakhstan pet family" will show a geometric growth. The pet market prospects bright.

1) store area: 20 square meters; 2) the form of investment: 3) to join the sole; Investment: 300 thousand yuan; 4) consumer groups: the pursuit of personality, the nature of young people, predominantly male; 5) investment location: noble area secondary downtown area; 6) store rent: General 4000-5000 yuan / month; 7) investment payback period: 1 years.


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