Can you sexual intercourse during menstruation menstrual period sexual intercourse will be fem

menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of each adult female every month, menstruation is actually a form of female detoxification, so when menstruation, female friends inside the body will appear the phenomenon of massive hemorrhage. Menstrual period is girls the most vulnerable period, so do strenuous exercise at this time a female friend had better not, so can sexual intercourse during menstruation?

can do sexual intercourse during menstruation, obviously the answer is absolutely not. If two people are really in love, it is best not to break the rule of love is to have some restraint. If it is a responsible man, of course, will not choose to hurt girls, and girls have to learn to take good care of themselves, during menstruation or quiet rest.

can do sexual intercourse during menstruation, women in the menstrual period, the most prominent phenomenon is that women of the cerebral cortex particularly excited, palace mouth open, the girls overall resistance will be worse. So if the menstrual period when sexual intercourse, will cause some harm to the mouth of the vagina.

and in a period when the mouth of the uterus, open it for intercourse, Yin will certain bacteria into the body, may cause uterine infection. For sexual intercourse during menstruation, vaginal bacteria into the penis, will be a lot of training in the vagina bleeding, accidentally is likely to spread to other places, but also have a certain influence on the later treatment of infection.

will not only harm the menstrual intercourse female friend body, the body of male friend will also have certain harm, menstrual vaginal secretions may enter into the male urethra, which may cause male urethritis, serious and may cause infertility, so female friends when menstruation is not suitable the same.

first, the penis into the vagina can let a female friend of excitement in the menstrual period, cause vaginal congestion began, so this will lead to menses female friend this month will be more. Secondly, this time for intercourse, make the fragile vagina damage, serious can lead to prolonged menstruation.

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