What are the details of pre investment community shops

shop location is different, the operating mode is not used, investment community shops need to pay attention to what details? Many businesses are interested in this issue. As the main services for community residents, then the investment should be prepared to do what? If you are not very clear can come to understand.

A, understand the quantity, level and characteristics of community residents. Community shops tourists for district residents, large mature community source is stable; in terms of traffic, the radiation scope of residential entrance and large storefront. The outskirts of the market occupancy, residents in the community and hope to meet the daily necessary goods, such as fresh vegetables, fruit shop supermarket business, breakfast shop, special snack shops, food stores, grocery stores, hairdressing shops, dry cleaners and other formats.

two, understand the shops use function. If only the business Home Furnishing supplies ordinary, such as printing, aromatherapy, beauty, stationery and other investors, depends on the orientation of the street and the rent level; such as investment business catering class shops will quickly, usually because of catering business is more limited, so it is more rare.

four, management content should be convenient for the criterion. Shop operators should mainly in department stores, pharmacies, beauty salon, printing, clothing, such as the management content. The new shops of new flats, in the short term can operate some building materials, decorative materials and other commodities, the new house needs renovation, will also have a good income.

five, accurate judgment of community growth. Some emerging communities, although the occupancy rate is not high, but the price of its shops are generally low, the greater the potential for development. Investors can be based on planning and the surrounding resources, to determine the growth of the emerging community space, can be involved in the low price.

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