Yichun Party members and cadres to establish legal knowledge and entrepreneurial skills training cou

no matter what you do, must comply with the law for the bottom line, there is a risk of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to first understand, after the law, then the law, and will use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Yichun, China organized the party members and cadres as the object of legal knowledge and entrepreneurial skills training, play the leading role of Party members, to achieve business according to law.

11 25, Chinese Yichun Xinqing District invited lecturer of law and entrepreneurship training to all cadres. Ni Xiqi, Yang Fengzhi, Li Donghui and other leaders attended the district Party committee, the organization of training seminars, Secretary Xu Changwei presided over the training activities.

during the lecture, two lecturers with concise language and vivid examples of legal knowledge and entrepreneurial skills relevant to an accurate description, let the staff have a more profound understanding of legal knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. After the meeting, the participants have said that he should make the teaching content of digestion and absorption, achieve mastery, in order to promote the three undertaking, to help accelerate economic transformation.

to start, first learn the business law. In accordance with the rule of law concept, starting from Party members and cadres, and gradually improve the ability of the public according to the law, in accordance with the law of the economic transformation of entrepreneurship, legitimate profits, so that entrepreneurs have no worries.

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