Shaolin Temple Holiday Limited Edition corn free delivery

in the Past National Day holiday, there are a lot of people in Shaolin Temple are to receive free corn, at the same time, there are a lot to Shaolin Temple to play all the tourists to get such a free gift, and in Shaolin Temple outside has been lined up.

this reeky corn "hot", so that tourists queue up out of the pot.

and do not say it is the free delivery, is also behind a great background, they are the Shaolin Temple this autumn harvest farm farming Zen first crop of fresh corn.

last May to start building the Shaolin Zen farming farm, Shaolin Temple is the "retro" for Shaolin Temple to restore the traditional farming practice Zen cultivation farm, farming is the main Shaolin Temple more than 400 monks, abbot Shi Yongxin also occasionally go to the fields of agricultural inspection.

the corn, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, natural pollution-free farming Zen farm produced". No wonder some tourists eat one, but also think "one more".

release delay estimate, a total of more than 5 thousand ears of corn delivery yesterday.

"Zen tillage farm has 100 acres of corn." Help cook corn Upasaka said. Shi Yanzi introduction, is expected to have another half a month, corn will be able to harvest, is expected to harvest more than 80 thousand pounds.


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