Xinxiang City Henan province science and Technology nnovation Alliance

now in order to promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm and passion, is not only the local government introduced a lot of powerful business measures in many places also appeared a lot of entrepreneurial organization, recently, the establishment of the Henan city of Xinxiang province science and Technology Collaborative Innovation and entrepreneurship alliance will appear in the sight of people.

to promote collaborative innovation of science and technology entrepreneurship as the core task, promote public entrepreneurship, accelerate national innovation demonstration zone, the construction of innovation pilot city in August 13th, 20 units in the city of Xinxiang solemnly alliance, jointly promote the collaborative innovation of science and technology entrepreneurship special action plan.

in fact for such a business alliance has also received the support of the local government, but also attracted a lot of companies involved in such an innovative business alliance, many government departments and government agencies are also concerned about.


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