How to do the market survey before opening

know a little marketing people know, do a good project, shop or need to do a good job before the market research, analysis of the object of their own work and the feasibility of the problem. The theory of knowledge, few people do not know, but to really implement there are a few people really understand to investigate in what aspects? The following small on their opinion about how to open restaurants market survey, for your reference.

how to do a pre restaurant market research

1, how the store environment.

2, the environment has two meanings. One meaning refers to the surrounding environment. For example, some restaurants open at the public toilet next to or near, not far from the landfill, gutter or store door flying dust, or neighbors smell Yifa chemical plant, this is a bad shop environment. Another meaning refers to the location of the store downtown. Generally speaking, if the shop is located in the vicinity of the station, a high density of population density in the area or a street street, this kind of shop environment should have a greater advantage. In addition, the junction of the trigeminal, corner is better, the slope of the road, remote corners, the location of the house is not high.

2, traffic conditions are convenient.

customers to the shop, parking is convenient; convenient transportation of goods; from other locations to the shop is convenient, etc.. Convenient traffic conditions have a great impact on store sales.

3, the surrounding facilities are beneficial to the store.

Although some of the

shops in the city road side, but the main road on both sides of the fence, but the business greatly affected. So in the choice of street pavement, should pay full attention to this. How to choose? There are two typical street: one is the only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles in the road, the line of sight naturally will sweep to both sides of the street pavement; pedestrian walking in the street, quite naturally into the shop. But if the width of the street more than 30, but sometimes not popular. According to the survey, the street is 25 meters wide, easy to form popularity and customer tide. Another typical street: lanes, bicycles and sidewalks were separated, in fact, this is a closed traffic, choose this location is not a good shop.

4, service area population.

generally speaking, the location of the shop near the population, the more dense the better. At present, many large and medium-sized cities are relatively concentrated in the formation of a variety of areas, such as commercial areas, tourist areas, universities, etc., should pay attention to analyze the situation in different regions of the shop.

5, target customer income level.


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