Do household cleaning business needs to master the propaganda strategy

refrigerator, washing machine, TV for a long time to wash, do not wash easily aging, cleaning them different from general goods cleaning, more rely on professional technology, so the birth of the beginning of professional home appliance cleaning shop. For investors, do household cleaning business needs to master the promotion strategy has the following points.

1) early promotion is mainly to do market training. Promotional content mainly project related knowledge (such as home appliances, home appliance cleaning cleaning concept necessity, home appliance cleaning and health knowledge etc.), The Wrigley Company brand (such as the company’s formal, professional, service assurance etc.). At this stage the audience should be based on the market all the publicity (all customers try to reach the target market, the propaganda effect) should pay attention to customers for cleaning appliances project understanding, understanding of the necessity of cleaning appliances, Wigley understanding and trust, can not pay too much attention to the propaganda to undertake a number of business volume.

2) in the middle of the promotion of the main business expansion. The main content of publicity is single (or multiple) service content. In the summer as the promotion of air cleaning project, autumn and winter of lampblack machine, washing machine, cleaning and cleaning of automotive air conditioning solar project project, importance should be special propaganda you have to clean the appliance and focus on business development. It should be the main promotional content is the necessity and urgency of cleaning, and professional technology, Wigley air cleaning service specifications and service providers and other home appliances cleaning advantages. This stage of the audience should focus on the promotion of the regional market, the market as a whole, the effect should be focused on the customer to pay attention to the cleaning of the Wigley household appliances to understand and trust the project, as well as willing to buy services. In addition, the amount of business should also be the focus of attention at this stage, should be in the stage as soon as possible to occupy the largest market.

3) the promotion of the main market maintenance. The main content of Wigley’s brand and quality service, as well as performance and customer feedback. At this stage the audience should be based on the market all the publicity, on one hand, let the old customers to deepen and consolidate the role of Wigley brand, on the other hand also to let the old customer reputation to bring new customers to.

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