How to realize the service oriented real economy in Anhui

Anhui as the central city of China, with the economic development in recent years, has made great achievements, but the economic development is still facing a bottleneck. The recently held conference Huizhou merchants capital matchmaking revealed that the first three quarters, the province’s direct financing 324 billion 753 million yuan, accounted for almost half of the country, the scale of social financing; as of the end of 9, the province’s 90 listed companies, too will go 4, 22 companies listed in the trial, coaching record of 50 enterprises, three new board listed 277 enterprises, ranking the forefront in the middle.

to service oriented real economy, our province capital market has become an important engine of economic development, industrial transformation and effective platform for innovation and development of a strong starting point, the upgrading of enterprises.

the full development of the capital market, direct financing can bring high efficiency and low cost for enterprises, especially China’s strategic economic restructuring and industrial upgrading urgent requirement to cultivate and foster a large number of high-tech, high growth and innovative enterprises. Because of the small and medium-sized enterprise has the characteristics of fast growth, high uncertainty, asset light, so it is difficult to obtain bank credit support, while the capital market is able to provide a mechanism for sharing risks and benefits for both investment and financing, especially for promoting SMEs technological innovation oriented enterprises become an important platform for long.

with the province’s real economy to enhance the quality and scale, not only greatly enhance the ability to absorb the financial, but also to strengthen the demand for financial support. In the first half of this year, the province’s financial sector added value of 73 billion 650 million yuan, accounting for GDP of the same period last year, the province’s economic development has become an important driving force of 6.7%. Now with the reform of the capital market dividend gradually released, the province’s capital market ushered in a rare opportunity.

therefore, our province should be to serve the real economy development is leading the transformation and upgrade, the multi-level capital market docking listing as the center, to achieve equity financing, debt financing wheeled, raised financing and private financing of "double track", the domestic market and overseas market "wings fly together", and then open the IPO Financing and mergers and acquisitions, three new board and other channels, accelerate the construction of the capital market mechanism and technological innovation, industrial innovation docking, for our province during the "13th Five-Year" financial capital and industrial docking fusion good planning, path planning.

through the above introduction, we can see that Anhui in the development of their own economic strength, according to the current development of their own short board, effectively developed a series of effective policies. The current and future periods, the province should focus on promoting the IPO, accelerate SMEs landing new three board, promote the development of equity investment funds, to build the company and securities, banking and insurance, fund, financing guarantee institutions such as the interaction platform, play a role in the capital market and direct financing tools, provide the impetus for development the upgrade of industry.

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