Door to door convenience and self interest

is now a lot of people busy, often visit a mall shopping goods very much, but a lot of people living away from the shopping malls are very far, in this context, if the store can provide door-to-door service, consumers will believe in this mall is more reliable. Therefore, whether it is a small supermarket or store, as long as the customer needs, I think, businesses must try to meet consumer demand.

, for example, customer requirements you door-to-door, supermarkets usually give some of the high price, large volume of goods, such as color TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and so on, if you ask him to send three bottles of soy sauce two bottles of vinegar, not only suffer supercilious look strange, others think that you take him yet. But the retail shops and small supermarket is not the same, especially those near the residential area of the community store, you must complete the delivery preparation, as long as the customer needs, we send as correct, although the small thin profits, but at least to make personal feelings in there, the human will he later become the power to support you.

small and medium retail formats, which is the most recent consumer formats, to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, due to fierce competition, but also to bring their own business invisible pressure. To open a retail store, not only to make people believe you, but also to bring convenience to customers. Sometimes, every business is busy, is not to my customer delivery requirements, I will be glad to help them get a ride, this is not to please customers, with customers to walk over to your home, enhance the emotional is the most important.

shop to engage in business, are not obsessed with eyes on how to run, how sales, to provide additional services to the customers around, also can play touch sales results. Our retail stores at the District, is the original village collective relocation to, almost all the village folks old acquaintances, or even related to him, if who is to have what move carry thing, say hello, which is immediately to help, "Pro Pro, o help neighbors, play broken bones tendons attached!

because I am a man of diligent, enthusiastic, generous, and do not sell fakes, people around the love come to me to buy things. Now, my business here has basically formed a fixed consumer groups, many of which are door-to-door, in order to facilitate delivery, I deliberately bought an electric tricycle. Buy this car has two advantages: first, in order to facilitate delivery services; two is to facilitate the use of the surrounding residents. If they are not convenient, I will help myself. Many residents around me have obligations to help busy.

in my small supermarket, although little place also provides a convenient service area, service area for free supply of hot water, microwave heating and so on free. Many residents say that my idea is very good, very affordable. This idea comes from the children in the village last winter to buy breakfast, then very cold morning, the children eating cold bread, drink cold milk.

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