Which entrepreneurial projects suitable for investment in small towns

now, people’s living standards are generally improved, towns are gradually moving closer to the city. So, in the face of a new form, which projects are more suitable for investment in small towns? Today the whole network Xiaobian to recommend some suitable investment projects in small towns.

for the township shop project: Doufufang

for the township shop project: family rental shop

for the current social trend of aging, open a family rental store, specialized services for the elderly, promising. For the township shop project: the main service content of the project includes two aspects, one is the temporary rental of family members, to accompany the elderly chat, eating time, relieve their loneliness and loneliness; the two is to provide temporary services, such as shopping, cooking, shopping, accompanied by a doctor, escort. Rent a stationary front room, prepare a telephone and other necessary office supplies, and then hire a number of different levels of staff to open business. The hired staff usually can not work in the store, but need to be on call. Can also train a number of fixed service personnel to deal with the daily affairs of the store.

for the township shop project:

glasses shop

for the township shop project: medicines and health products store

for the township shop project: wedding photography business

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