Chen Zhi venture to sell cans to create generous returns

almost every successful entrepreneurs have their own stick, but also have their own beliefs. Who needs no light, but also to become their own sun!" This is the 80 entrepreneurs Chen Zhi favorite sentence. From the general guide to the vice president of the company, from the micro business and then to the creation of canned orange brand, "Chongqing sister" Chen Zhi’s success on the road and what kind of story?

Chen Zhi, Chongqing, and her husband fell in love for 12 years, love is rooted in Hunan, start from an ordinary tour guide, founded their own brand of canned orange tablets. Last year, only 10 months time, on the creation of ten million yuan sales performance.

takes root in love from Hunan to

, vice general manager of the company

clothing fashion, beautiful appearance, straightforward character cheerful…… This is the first impression left by Chen zhi. Talking about Mr. love story, Chen Zhi small woman’s side revealed, "we are beginning to fall in love in college, I was the first after he finally chose to stay in Hunan."

2005 from the Shaoyang University tourism management professional after graduation, Chen Zhi Hunan into a travel agency, as a general guide. "My husband is the school of civil engineering, perennial stay in the project site, is not a few times a year." To this end, Chen Zhi wrote a book to record their love story.

because of this stick with meticulous care, Chen Zhi and her husband love blossom, now she has two children hot mom. In career, Chen Zhi is conscientious. In the position of the tour guide, her enthusiasm and dedication not only won the appreciation of tourists, but also by the company’s approval, just 3 months from the city to the company.

to the head office, like an ugly duckling falling into a swan." Chen Zhi said, successive time a mistake also let her eat a lot of suffering. With an unyielding effort, she soon talent shows itself. Only one and a half years time, Chen Zhi from a newcomer to department manager, and the shares of the company.


, 22 year old Chen Zhicai. Soon, she worked as assistant to the general manager from the Department Manager until the vice president. "In addition to finance, I have been in charge of the various functional departments of the company." Perhaps this is just a career experience, Chen Zhi future business to lay a solid foundation.

micro business starting from the road suffered questioned to be trusted

I should be very lucky, catch the tide of micro business." In my circle of friends to share the delicacy by chance, let Chen Zhi become friends in the eyes of the "Master delicacy". Later access to micro business, and from 2014 onwards in the circle of friends to share a sale from Indonesia’s products, "it also inadvertently recommended

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