The upcoming college entrance examination this year to recruit 6086 people in Sichuan Sichuan Univer

college entrance examination is closely watched by the whole society. Now is the end of 5, there are half a and around the time of college entrance examination is coming, thousands of students went to the entrance of the battlefield, for these years = try to do a summary, for his own life, it will be a new starting point. Here we look at this year’s Sichuan Province, Sichuan University enrollment.

college entrance examination is approaching, the evening of May 17th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education announced the news: in 2016, the province’s college enrollment will achieve 5 increase. Including: general undergraduate enrollment increased; ordinary undergraduate enrollment to further increase; a lot of education enrollment increased further; "211" university enrollment is further increased in Sichuan; Sichuan in the ministries of higher learning is further increased enrollment in sichuan. Please the majority of candidates and parents at ease, dedicated to pro forma, for good grades.

Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter was informed that the parents and candidates are concerned about the college enrollment plan has recently been released in Sichuan province. 18, 2009, Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, said: this year, admitted to the University of Sichuan in, a batch of undergraduate enrollment increased by more than last year, 900 people.

of Sichuan Agricultural University

Sichuan undergraduate enrollment 6086

18, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity admissions office, this year the school enrollment plan for the national total of 9120 people, Sichuan undergraduate enrollment of 6086 people. Compared with previous years, the overall number of recruits was essentially flat, but this year, Sichuan Agricultural University undergraduate enrollment into a comprehensive, therefore, Sichuan Province, a batch of undergraduate enrollment of 900 people more than last year.

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of Sichuan Agricultural University Admissions director Du Bin introduced this year in Sichuan 6086 people enrolled in a batch of undergraduate 4756 batches of 490 people; art, the art class 375 people, sports 115 people; 840 people undergraduate counterparts in Vocational education. It is understood that the last year of Sichuan Agricultural University have 8 professional enrollment in two in Sichuan Province, and this year will be fully in an enrollment.

for the art specialty, Sichuan Agricultural University, this year’s enrollment in the professional standards for grades and test scores are up to the provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) based on the line of control, according to the art of professional achievement and the test results obtained by the total score, from high to low merit; sports according to professional achievement. From high to low merit, and parallel voluntary. In addition, the students are willing to apply for Sichuan Agricultural University, Du Bin suggested that as long as the results meet the provincial control line, candidates can fill in bold, because this year of Sichuan Agricultural University in Sichuan province the number of enrollment of 900 people more than last year.

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