Sewage catalyzed business opportunities for purification

blind business, you may pay a lot, but received very little, so according to the demand of the market, to expand their business, is the best choice for real, and small series here for everyone to bring a sewage catalytic purification business.

10 years ago, in Bob · its community, government officials told residents, don’t worry about the occasional outflow from the faucet of dirty water, it is harmless by-products, is produced by the water supply system in the mud, wash aging gravel, sediment flow. "They don’t have a problem," Borini said suspiciously. But you don’t even use it to wash clothes."

Borini Virginia was an energy adviser to the shareholders of the company, he and his chemical engineer Jack, research and design a simple ten layer purification system. In 1993, they opened a retail store in Maryland roxpro Maxwell, about 3 years later, the brothers opened a segregation water supply facilities companies — DrinkMoreWater company in Maryland, the gasbag Borini, his wife Jim, and his brother is the beginning of their investment, then other investors were absorbed in, holding 20% shares.

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