The future of Hangzhou science and technology city Alibaba into the double demonstration base

wave of national entrepreneurship has been in constant, many want to start young people have opened their own entrepreneurial dream. So, although only one of Hangzhou City, but in 28 place in the business has occupied two places. Let’s take a look at!

recently, the State Council issued the "opinions" on the construction of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation demonstration base, the first batch of 28 "double bases", Hangzhou future science and technology city and Alibaba group, were selected as double regional demonstration base, double industry demonstration base.

Hangzhou future science and Technology City (Sea Park) a total area of 113 square kilometers, north to Hangzhou Expressway, east of Hangzhou Ring Expressway, south of Hangzhou Anhui Expressway (highway 02), West lake. In 2011, was awarded the national level of high-level overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship base, and with Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan and other places of the talent base, as the country’s four largest future science and technology city.

which is the core of the Internet dream town, village, village, market venture angel has been put into use, a new phase of the project (the former warehouse Streets Renovation) has started construction, is expected to put into use in September.

as of now, Hangzhou future science and Technology City (Sea Park) has introduced a total of more than 1800 overseas high-level talents, including "thousands of" 89, 117 "province of thousand", the future science and technology city became the most intensive, the fastest growing talent zone for the province’s overseas high-level talents.

in addition to the introduction of talent at home and abroad, the future of science and technology city is also the cultivation of small and micro enterprises in science and technology more than one thousand, the information economy, health care, new materials and new equipment, technology, finance and rapid growth of the four industries.

next, Hangzhou future science and Technology City (Sea Park) to create "three fusion, four should be both" (Mr. state, again after living and production, livable industry, should be advised to travel, the garden city upgrade). There will be not only the international hospital, school, talent apartments and other facilities, there will be subways, trams, buses, slow systems, such as three-dimensional public transport.

it is worth mentioning that, in the 28 double demonstration base, Alibaba as one of the 7 demonstration bases of enterprises, is the only selected Internet companies. Alibaba group has a number of platforms, such as its Taobao, Tmall, rural Taobao, nails, Ali Chong passenger base, cloud habitat 100.

next, two "double bases" will arrange further construction. This year, the study of specific work programs to accelerate the construction of demonstration bases. Wait until next year, the national development and Reform Commission and relevant departments of the organization to carry out supervision and inspection and evaluation of the third party demonstration base construction, can be recommended for mature complex

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