The snack shop process Xinshoubikan

many people want to open a snack bar, but the process is not very open to the snack bar. Open snack bar is not difficult to grasp the flow of the shop, the operation will be twice the result with half the effort. To introduce you to open the snack bar planning stage of the process is how.

This stage is

Second, market survey, analyze the feasibility of your intention to open the snack bar. You need to collect more information, do more research, and then carefully analyze.

Third, determine the direction of management. After investigation you have to make a decision, in the end what kind of home snack bar, to be specific to the type of business snacks, business grade, while the customer must be clear positioning.

Fourth, design open snack bar scheme. That is, the plan to write a snack bar, including the direction and objectives of the business, market analysis, business scale, management and financial planning, etc..


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