Should pay attention to the choice of restaurant store

food and beverage industry is a highly valued investment industry, many franchisees in this industry has made huge profits. For now you are starting, you may wish to start from this industry. So how to choose a suitable store to run a restaurant?

select stores in a variety of channels. Through the media advertising, the front of the store advertising, can also be directly to find a new development of the house, and the landlord to talk about. There is also a way to choose a good lot after the direct contact with the owners and home owners, regardless of what the other party is doing now. Although this method is more tired, but the effect is better.

If a store in a short time one after another is leased, also must be very careful. Hangzhou food and beverage industry has a saying: do the paralysis of the hotel, Feng Shui is not good, mainly refers to the kind of store that has repeatedly changed, it is difficult to do it again. Sometimes, the store looks like a lot of good features in the lot, but some hidden weaknesses can hardly be seen. For example, although it is located in the center of the city, the traffic is large, there are many commercial buildings on the edge. However, it may be inconvenient parking, access inconvenience and other issues, the results may be how to do business is not good.

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