Huanggang pushing city school cooperation to create entrepreneurial paradise

now in order to give the student entrepreneurs a good social environment, local governments are actively building the student entrepreneurs entrepreneurial environment, recently Huanggang city promote the cooperation between University and city activities.

A building with the Huanggang Normal University

2013 in June, the Huanggang municipal government to seize the construction of old revolutionary base areas of economic and social development area of Dabie Mountain and into the city of Wuhan the opportunity to start the implementation of the "Huanggang · cooperation plan of University Scientific Research Institute". Municipal government set up a first phase of 50 million yuan venture capital fund and venture capital to start a special loan of $50 million to support entrepreneurship and small and micro enterprise development. College students entrepreneurial incubation base has attracted 126 college students entrepreneurial enterprises, 34 small and micro enterprises and the establishment of 30 e-commerce enterprises.

for the introduction of more high-quality talent, the establishment of 21 colleges and universities in the province and outside contact workstation, a program of docking a university, with the university students to practice in Huanggang.

"here is the superior business environment to attract me, from the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Ph.D. in economics Liang Huijun said, before graduating from university to contact the station informed by local talent introduction policy, has not yet completed the graduation thesis, decided to pull with her husband on the landing in Huanggang. She told reporters, including children to school, housing and other issues have been properly resolved, there is no worry.

Huanggang superior business environment, has attracted a large number of talented people. As of now, the city received a total of more than 20 thousand students in 76 universities across the country to Huanggang practice, two counties completed a total of 12 students in business incubator, entrepreneurial enterprises settled in 379, more than 5 thousand people were driven by college students’ employment. Entrepreneurial team involved in e-commerce, agriculture and forestry, new materials, cultural media, new services and high-tech research and development and other fields.

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