How to promote college students entrepreneurship

look at foreigners are how to use policy to encourage students to entrepreneurship, perhaps from them we can find many bright spots in our country should be able to properly, take a look at a few big policy is how.

– France

set up belongs to the Youth Challenge Department of national education and Research Department of France, is one of the first French youth, young and creative youth project incubator. As a government function, the organization aims to develop and promote the 15 year old -28 year old young people’s awareness of innovation, and give the youth entrepreneurship program specific assessment, guidance and financial assistance.

The main approach

1967, Stanford University and New York University for the first time opened a contemporary MBA education system. In 1968, the first set of entrepreneurship in the undergraduate college of business. In 1973, Northeastern University opened the first undergraduate entrepreneurship in the United states. Into 1980s, the United States entrepreneurship education by leaps and bounds. In 1982, the number of higher education institutions with entrepreneurship education courses increased to 315, in 1986 for the 590, in 1999 reached 1060, by the beginning of 2005, there are more than 1 thousand and 600 institutions of higher learning to open the course of entrepreneurship. The current system of entrepreneurship education in the United States is very complete, covering the financing, creation, management, etc.. Through entrepreneurship education, a large number of college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

The United States also encourage

1983, launched by the British Prince fund youth entrepreneurship program, the purpose is to mobilize the business community and social forces, 18-30 year old young people to provide business consulting and technical, financial and network support. In 1999, the British Prince Prince Welsh fund and the international business leaders forum, jointly organized the international youth entrepreneurship program, provide the development of bond type start-up funding for college students, the total amount of funds for $28 million. For each venture project, the plan provides a maximum loan amount of 5000 pounds. To meet the conditions of special difficulties groups, can provide 1500 pounds (for individuals) and 3000 pounds (for the collective) entrepreneurial grants.

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